Yoga and Meditation for Back Pain


Yoga asanas are nowadays is considered as an alternative medicine for all set of ailments in the present scenario which has been observed.  Yes, absolutely. Yoga undergoes complete and continuous exercises for both physical and mental well-being. Regarding physical stage, the Yoga comprises different asanas or the postures to keep the body healthy.

Yoga incorporates more relaxation techniques that provide sound health. Most importantly Yoga provides significant effects in the human body as:

Rising flexibility: Few Yoga positions stimulate powerful influence upon various joints & ligaments of the human body. Such postures increase lubrication of tendons, ligaments & joints and at the same time, they exercise the parts for flexibility. Hence no radar screen requires relying upon. The human body that might not get rigid experience would get remarkable flexibility because of the non-strenuous Yoga postures.

Complete body massage: Yoga through its thought processing activity, massages all the internal organs and glands of the human body including other parts of the body. Such stimulation and organ massage turn an ample amount of benefits to the human being by providing great immune power that to even escape from fatal diseases.

Stretches for lower back pain relief

Yoga helps the human body to lessen any chronic pain ailments, lower back aches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome et al. to name a few. Adding to that, Yoga tones the muscles wherein flaccid & weak muscles would stimulate to lose excess flab & flaccidity and turn young, fresh and glowing. There are nine basic types of Yoga which are:

  1. Sukhasana
  2. Anuloma Viloma
  3. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
  4. Savasana
  5. Dandasana
  6. Swastikasana
  7. Tala Asana (Tada Asana)
  8. Padmasana (Kamalasana)
  9. Vajrasana

The above-listed Yoga asanas or the postures meant for certain health concept in which that include but not just limited to: back pains, respiratory problems, cardiac issues, general well-being, pregnancy care, post-operative issues et al to name a few.

Benefits of Meditation for general well-being

Meditation on the other way round could say as the best remedy for stress reduction. Raison, the leading meditation practitioner, states “Most of the survey studies show that meditation helps to resolve the problem of fibromyalgia, even psoriasis. And it is apparently difficult to figure out the details on an illness where stress and mood involved in a human body”.

But till now science have no answer in finding out the patterns between the meditating brain & immune system and the magic happening between these two. The University of Wisconsin states, “after a continuous practice of meditation for about eight weeks, we found electrical energy passing around the left side of the front lobe, which is the region of keeping people more optimistic”.

The meditation practice helps tackling life-threatening diseases, does transformation among molecular & genetic arrangements, turns around the illness of mind, provides boost beyond the physical ability, helps to gain better ecological thoughts and even helps in managing the lifestyle and forethoughtfulness for understanding the future atmosphere, wherein back pains are one of the most common symptoms of the states of stress and depression.