Learn in Your Car Language Course: Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation in a Convenient Format


The Learn in Your Car series of audio language lessons from Penton Overseas have been designed to allow listeners to learn a language without the need of a text book. While the concept is ideal for cars and while traveling, it is also perfect for any other situation where someone may want to learn without being tied to a desk.

The Learn in Your Car audio course is available on CDs or as a digital download. This means that the course can be listened to on a wide variety of listening devices which makes it extremely versatile.

The audio language course is structured in a way that teaches learners comprehensive grammar and vocabulary in their chosen language. Learners are also taught pronunciation, which is an essential part of learning a new language.

Learn in Your Car Language Course Structure

The Learn in Your Car language courses are broken down into three sections. The entire course can be purchased as one audiobook or the sections can be purchased separately. The first section deals with the fundamentals of the new language with an emphasis on the language points required when traveling. This includes essential key words and grammar points. The second section builds on this and introduces new grammar concepts and extends the vocabulary. The third section, being the most advanced, helps learners to develop conversational language.

The audio courses have been updated for the twenty-first century , including computing and Internet vocabulary that now form part of the language.

In addition to the audiobooks, the Learn in Your Car course also has a learning guide. This features vocabulary so a learner can see how a word is spelled as well as hear how it is spoken. The listening guide is supplied as a leaflet to accompany the CD version of the audiobook or as a downloadable pdf to accompany the digital version.

The Learn in Your Car language course is available in many different languages. This includes Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Tips for Learning a Language Using an Audio Course

Here are some tips to help a learner get the most from an audio language course:

  • Keep a notepad and pen to hand (this obviously does not apply to drivers). Make a note of any points that are unclear to research later.
  • Find a time when it is possible to concentrate fully on the audio course. Driving in an unfamiliar area or through busy traffic is not the best time to be learning a new language.
  • Find someone to learn with. It is easier to learn a new language when there is someone else in the same situation. This can provide additional motivation as well as support.