Grants for Felons: What You Should Know About Them

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Being an ex-felon does not make you someone who is useless. However, it is definitely a fact that ex-felons seem not to have a definite view on their life after being granted freedom. This is a fact that they feel it would be hard for anyone to trust them again or to give them a good career. What’s great is that ex-convicts can now apply for grants for felons which are offered by different government agencies. These grants are offered with the intent of assisting ex-convicts to establish a business or other source of income once they leave the bars.

Educational Grants

There are no specific types of loans that can be acquired by ex-felons. Therefore, they can’t just apply to any financial institutions to fund their business. Because of this, many of them grabbed the chance to acquire grants for attending school. Availing these grants entitles ex-felons to get a certification on training which would be useful to start a living again.

One of the educational grants offered is the Federal Pell Grants, which is for ex-convicts except for drug addicts. On the other hand, for individuals who want to get enough information about establishing a business, they can attend webinars just as those offered by SCORE. This online seminar is both advantageous for people who are about to start a business and to people who are already starting their business.


They can make use of the mentorship programs of SCORE, wherein there would be a face-to-face interaction between the mentors and the ex-felons. It is not primarily declared that ex-felons may not be granted with any specific type of loans but the process would never be that easy.

Grants for Small Business

This kind of grant was made to help ex-prisoners connect with fund sources which can pave their path to operating their own business. Additionally, they are given seminars and programs which will be a great means to provide them assistance to effectively start a business. Read more details on Grants for felons to start a business here.

Grants Provided by Informal Investors

Some investors are willing to give a promising chance to ex-felons if they can prove themselves that they are worth granted the opportunity. Specifically to those that have a good view for business, these financiers can help them get loans they need in order to commence the business. Additionally, ex-felons can be supported by some small business organization with regards to certain loan grants to start their business, be it a plumbing or landscaping business.

The ex-felons are also aided by the Second Chance Act which is helpful since they will get advice about employment and they will also be monitored regularly. But, this act may differ from state to state.

Now, various grants for felons are provided by the government. This is good news not just to all ex-prisoners but to their families as well.