What are The Best Humidifiers for People with Allergies?

Humidifiers help overcome the allergic reactions caused by unideal humidity levels in a room. Ideally, a room should have a moisture level between 30% to 60% for comfort and health. If the degree of humidity falls below 30%, it can cause dry skin, cracked lips, and itchy eyelids. Similarly, high humidity levels can have adverse effects such as making a room feel warm, airless, and suffocating.

What Are the Best Humidifiers for Allergies

Thus, humidifiers not only help overcome these problems but also assist in countering the damages caused by allergic reactions. Dermatologists like Dr. Shumaila Khan insists on using humidifiers to overcome the adverse effects caused by a lack of moisture in the air. This gives birth to a new question, what is the best humidifier to overcome allergic reactions?

What to Look for in a Humidifier?

There is only one primary criterion for choosing a humidifier, and that is the capacity of the humidifier. It means that the humidifier must be able to efficiently cover the entire room it is installed in. Moreover, its water tanks should be able to store enough water to last through the night. Another barometer for judgment may be the extent of humidity that you want in a particular room.

Top 4 Humidifiers for Allergies

Allergic reactions like flaky and itchy skin can be treated to a great extent by using humidifiers.The list below are some of the best humidifiers that can be employed to overcome problems caused by allergies. If you want to find something more power or more affordable, you should visit HealthEssential for suggestions.

1. Boneco 7135

The 7135 is Boneco’s best-selling product and has quickly cemented its place in the market as one of the best humidifiers available. It can convert around 3.5 gallons of water into mist every day over an area of 650 square feet. It holds 1.7 gallons of water and weighs only 7.7 kilos, which makes it portable. Moreover, it comes with a three-year warranty and is available on the market for just $164.99.

2. Stadler Form HERA

Stadler Form’s HERA is a very competent humidifier, especially when it comes to preventing skin damage. The HERA can convert 3 gallons of water into mist over a 24-hour period. Although this is less than Boneco’s 7135, it more than makes up for it by having an area of influence of 760 square feet and by holding 2 gallons of water. It is available on the market for $199.99.

3. Winix AW600

The Winix AW600 is a smart humidifier as its fan speed automatically slows down at night. It converts around 3.17 gallons of water into mist over a 24-hour period. However, it has a humidification area of only 600 square feet and weighs about 15.4 kilos, which makes it heavy to carry around. It comes with a two-year warranty and is available for a whopping $404.95.

4. PureGuardian H4610

PureGuardian is a humidifier that beats every other option on this list except for Boneco’s 7135 in the water conversion department. Boasting a humble conversion of just 2 gallons of water into mist every day, it has an area of influence of 650 square feet. It has a tank size of 2 gallons and weighs less around 5.6 kilos. It costs just $99.99, which means that it is cheaper than every other entry on this list.

Above are the 4 humidifiers that are ideal for people suffering allergies. If you want to know more solutions for your condition, check out this article – Natural ways to fight allergies. It will absolutely help you.